Uneekee's indomitable Kara Parsons came to me with a woeful pitch deck for her new company, and asked if I could do anything to spiff it up.  Kara was one of my favorite people, so I jumped at the opportunity to make it worthy of her venture.

The original deck was trying to sell the sexiness and beauty of the product, largely without any imagery.  It was way too text-heavy.  And it was completely absent of their brand, which was admittedly unrefined.

So we used the deck as a platform to refresh her company's identity.  The logo became simpler and more obviously a logo, without losing the ability to stylize it with patterns.  Together we cleaned up the messaging, to be more crisp and in touch with the brand she was dreaming of.  And the deck got a complete overhaul — a clean visual style, and energetic imagery more aligned with the product.
Original Deck

Updated Deck
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