StrongDM had an amazing product, but the website needed a reboot.  We wanted a crisp new site, with messaging that felt true to StrongDM's no-BS ethos, and at least a dollop of fun.

After a couple of failed agency engagements, I spent the next 2 or 3 months designing and building a brand new site myself, from top to bottom. 

My goal was to make a website that would serve as a living style guide going forward.  And it worked — the site's look and feel became the bedrock of the StrongDM visual brand.  (Though I think it really leveled up a year later, when we folded in the illustration work of the marvelous Maile McCarthy to complete a totally unique but incredibly practical new style.)

Moreover, a month of intense work sessions with CEO Liz Zalman (who is amazing in every way) produced the crisp and honest language that has become one of StrongDM's most endearing superpowers.

Since my departure, the website has changed a bit here and there.  But if you'd like to hear the sultry sound of my voice, check out the 60 second StrongDM intro video, to be found as of this writing at the top of their homepage.
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