Early in my strongDM tenure, I saw that we had a collection of decent quality interview videos, lost in the vortex of our terrible WordPress website.  They were awfully slow, and played a lot like something you'd find on HGTV, but they were shot well, and were the only marketing asset I could find (outside of the product itself) with any pizzazz.

So I took the interviews, deconstructed them segment by segment, and salvaged them for parts to script a brand new video.  I sent them off to a video editor genius in Indonesia, who stripped out the old music, and worked with me to piece it together into something fun and engaging.

Ultimately, for a cost of $200 (out of pocket!), we got a new video that showed just how great the brand could be.

(Aside: I don't appear in the video below, but if you'd like to hear the sultry sound of my voice, check out the 60 second strongDM intro video, to be found as of this writing at the top of the strongDM homepage.)
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