This was a quick but fun one.

For my first two years at strongDM — sorry, StrongDM, now — I was the only graphic designer on staff.  (Not my role, but I've got 20+ years of graphic design experience under my belt, so it's cool.)  So whenever a need for any sort of graphical work came up, I'd get the standard Can you do me a favor? Slack, and I'd be happy to oblige.

One such request was for a table cover and vertical banners for our first job fair.  They wanted two banners that could be used together or individually, and matching table covers.

The design was pretty straightforward, but the fun part was the copy.  It's simple, but the banner messaging works individually or together.  And the line of copy on the table reflected the culture, in a light and fun way.

One of the most fun things about building a design language is seeing the new collateral coalesce out of the ether.  Seeing these tables stacked in company giveaway paraphernalia (also all designed by me!) was pretty great.
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