Starting a new nanny agency is difficult enough, but trying to be noticed in an area full of serious competition makes it that much harder. 

Michelle Damas of Neverland Nannies decided the silver bullet was quality — give the best to the customer, and you'd get the best customers.  In 2008, she decided to commission a website that made clear her company's commitment to world-class customer care.

So I set her up with a design completely unlike those of her competitors.  Other sites were struggling to seem larger, and more hard-core professional.  Neverland's site was welcoming, warm, and beautiful in a way that stood apart from the competition.  It had a personal touch that mirrored the experience you'd get from Michelle and her team.

It was incredibly successful; Neverland Nannies quickly racked up a clientele of big name Hollywood clients, and developed a reputation of — you guessed it — providing the best service in the Southland.
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