Shibumi wanted to put together a commercial-quality video, edited to multiple lengths for different uses.  But at that point, Shibumi hadn't yet developed an identity, visually speaking, and had no budget for the project.

I spent a week iterating on a design language, and then used Prezi(!) as an animation platform to create a 2 minute promo, finally editing it down into 1 minute and 30 second versions.  The 1 minute version appears here.

Sidenote: The interface of the incredibly ambitious Shibumi product, as glimpsed in the 2 minute video, was a collaboration between myself and the spectacular Brian Baer.  I've tried to unearth some high-resolution versions of the screens, but I've been unable to get my hands on them.  It was a decade ago, after all. [Update: Found some!]
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